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  • Minecraft Vs. Fortnite

    For those unfamiliar with video gaming, Minecraft and Fortnite may appear similar at first glance. Both are resource-based games that allow players to achieve various goals set by either the player …

  • How to Enchant a Bow in Minecraft

    In the vast world of Minecraft, enchantments hold a special place for adventurers seeking to enhance their gameplay. Really, enchanting in Minecraft is like casting a spell on your equipment, turning …

  • 12 Lasting Benefits of Summer Camp

    No matter the time of year, we are never too far from the incoming summer months, during which I will witness camps in action, and have the pleasure of hearing/reading feedback from tens of …

  • 5 Big Video Game Skills to Gain From Playing

    There’s no doubt about it: gaming is here to stay. And there’s no need to fight it! Gaming can be good for you , and is the perfect opportunity to teach your child valuable skills that will resonate …

  • Summer is Here! Now What?

    As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Every year, the “summer slide,” “brain drain,” or “summer learning loss” phenomenon happens because kids stop actively learning for …

  • Giving Clear, Effective & Engaging Instructions to Students

    Welcome, teachers! Tell me if you've been in this situation before: You have a long list of instructions you need to pass along to your class. The instruction steps themselves are quite simple …

  • Creating a fun summer schedule & routine for teens, tweens & kids

    Summer is here and kids and teens around the neighborhood are excited and ready for the freedom of summer. I don’t blame them—they deserve it! As everyone adjusts to the end of the school year, …

  • How to Design a BattleBot

    BattleBots is a high-octane robot fighting show with more than 20 years of runtime under its belt! In this post, we will spin and maneuver our way through what it takes to design and build a robot …

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